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Inkjet Printing Non Woven Fabric

Date: 2014-09-28

Inkjet Printing Non Woven Fabric

Inkjet Printing Non Woven Fabric

An economical way to produce a roll-up graphic.
This light fabric weighs only 200gsm so a roll-up drop will come in at under ½ kg in weight and 
will cost you less than £5 in material.
Has good water and scratch resistance so does not need a laminate for protection.
It has good tear resistance and hangs well in a banner stand with very little edge curl.
It is made out of 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP) so it is not opaque, and at 200µ fits easily into 
even the lowest cost and smallest roll-up units.


Weight: 165g/sqm
Base Material: Compressed polyester fibers
Surface Coating: Bright White & Matt or Glossy
Suitable ink: Dye & Pigment
Paper Core: 2 inch

This unique product is made from compressed polyester fibers and it can be recycled.
It is lightweight and durable making it ideal for roll up banner and soft signage.
Can be sewn easily for use as promotional bags and banners.
Crease resistance and low cost on ship weight.