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Microporous high glossy white PET film

Date: 2014-05-06

Microporous high glossy white pet film is a 100% pet film with a water resistant coating that allows for heavy ink saturation for bold, beautiful prints.The anti-curl characteristics make this the ideal media for retractable banner stands. Used with dye, pigment inks.
Base material: PET film
Surface finish: Aqueous glossy
Caliper: 140±10 micron (5±0.5 mil)
This microporous high glossy white PET film are microporous and white coating; anti-curl; glossy and waterproof surface; tear resistant; perfect color control. It usually can be used for advertising banners, pop-up displays, trade show, instruction plates.
Printing condition:
Dye, pigment & UV ink is compatibility ink, and most aqueous printing systems, especially HP, Canon, Epson, Roland, ect printer suitable for the white PET film.
Dry time will vary depending on ink type. Suitable printing condition is Temperature 15-30℃(59~86°F) / Humidity 30~60%.
It is recommended to store in the closed original packing in a coll and dry environment. Temperature 10~27℃(50~80°F) , Relative  Humidity 50%RH..
Information described above is our test criteria. All material should be test by customers to determine the suitable products.  Printer or ink change may affect printing results.