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MARL260GN---microporous glossy photo paper-260g

Date: 2014-05-19

Make your colour dreams come true with Hengcai MARL260GN. This gloss, ultra white high resolution photo paper with a PE coating on both sides is compatible with all water-based inkjet printing systems and inks.
Outstanding suitability for pigmented and dye-based ink. MARL260GN have a new ink acceptance layer, which allows you to produce a particularly large colour gamut. The opaque white paper has brilliant colour reproduction and very good edge definition. MARL260GN is dry immediately after printing and extremely resistant to finger prints as well as wiping. It is also very stable to environmental influences and has very good lie-flat properties. This makes MARL260GN a truly high quality photo experience in every respect.
High quality photo prints for posters, billboards and art prints
By using a protective laminate, you can improve the optical effect of the print still further as well as increasing its mechanical stability. The micro-porous surface engineering allows you to finish the product quickly e.g. by cutting to size and applying. The ink must be competely dry before lamination
Product Properties
• indoor
• cold lamination
Processing Tips
We basically recommend that the print is left to dry out for 24 hours before finishing.
The product should be stored in its original packaging at a room temperature of 15°C - 25°C and 40 - 60% relative humidity.
Available size
260g - 0610mm(24`) - 30m  
260g - 0914mm(36`) - 30m 
260g - 1067mm(42`) - 30m  
260g - 1118mm(44`) - 30m  
260g - 1270mm(50`) - 30m