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Inkjet Art Canvas

Date: 2014-05-20

Matte and Glossy Surface, Canvas feeling, Instant dry
Our inkjet cotton artist canvas are 100% cotton, matte surface, moderate fabrics texture with advanced coating, high definition, instant dry, suitable for both dye, pigment and solvent ink.
Used for advertising display, poster, painting, home decoration, desktop printing output and so on.
Water Resistant Art Cotton Canvas
•100% cotton canvas
•Matte and waterproof
•Stretched well
•Instant dry
•Compatible with any printers using dye, pigment and UV inks
Weight: 370±5 gsm
Caliper: 520±20 micron (20±1 mil)
Storage: In door, 1 year. between 15-26℃
Life Expectancy: Indoor 6 mo./outdoor 3 mo.
Create painting reproductions, Backdrops or Wedding photos, Decorative art work printing, Picture frame work etc
Available size:
24” (610mm) x 30m;
36” (914mm) x 30m;
42” (1070mm) x 30m;
50” (1270mm) x 30m;
60” (1524mm) x 30m.
Special size can be customized.