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Eco-Solvent Window cling film

Date: 2015-01-12

Hengcai Smooth PET Cling Film utilize a unique acrylic adhesive system that allows the adhesive to flow on to a surface with little to no application pressure. The self wetting adhesive is nearly ultra-clear which provides excellent transparency. These protective label stocks are ideal for use in many industrial and commercial application. Some typical applications include: printed window advertisements and protecting mobile handheld displays during shipment from the manufacturer to end user, printed clear labels, protective overlaminates, and surface protection.
        Ultra-clear, high transparency film and adhesive combination – suitable for display panels.
        Removable adhesive – easily removable from many surfaces with no adhesive residue.
        PET linered product allows for die-cutting to any shape and is suitable for high-speed, automatic dispensing.
        PET face material – much higher temperature resistance than PE protective films.
        Before application the surfaces must be free from oil, fat, dust and solvents, best results are achieved when applied between 50°F and 104°F.
        The product has a high transparency (low haze).
        The adhesive is cleanable with water so it may be re-used.
Application ideas
        Protect window apertures and displays in electronics and applications.
        Temporary protection of sensitive surfaces against dirt, dust and damage during processing, storage and mounting etc.
        Low level of adhesion and is suitable for protection of many surfaces including: Glass, Varnished / hardcoated surfaces, Aluminum and Plastic surfaces.
        Printed window film and advertisements.